Nestled in the majestic Berkshires, North Adams is a small city in decline. Since the loss of the mill, the factories, and the tech companie there's very little left in this town.  MASS MoCA is barley keeping the town afloat.  The supernatural community is not fairing much better, the city does not have enough people to support a Vampire population, the Appalachian Faeries don't seem to come up this far north, ghosts a plenty though, the Garou are doing better.


During the 70's the Glass Walkers managed to establish a Urban Caern on the grounds of the Sprague electric company.  Which later became MASS MoCA.  The Caern served as a staging grounds to defend against the real threat, the McNeil mansion.

For some times the McNeil estate has been calling Garou from around the world to it's grounds.  While the details still remain a mystery the results are always the same.  A uncontrolled werewolf on wolf frenzy, ro worse, tearing through town. The mansion is patrolled and Garou are forbidden form stepping onto the grounds.  That is the way it has been for ages.

Secrets of the McNeil House

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